I’m Theo Kalfas (aka teolandon), and I’m an aspiring software developer, and consultant at Source Allies. I enjoy getting involved in open source projects and helping out with development.

Feel free to contact me or browse through my GitHub. I’m happy to talk!

Here’s my (outdated) resume.

GitHub: https://github.com/teolandon

keybase.io: https://keybase.io/teolandon

Contact information

E-mail: kalfas [at] teolandon.com

PGP Key: EF48 D63A D533 4EAE

Please encrypt your email if you can.


  • hanoi, a terminal GUI library for Go.

  • Cauldron, an IDE for Chemical Reaction Networks (not publicly available).

  • tmux-hackernews, a tmux plugin to get Hacker News headlines in the status bar.

  • ceramic, a simple text editor based on antirez’s kilo.