I’m Theo Kalfas (aka teolandon), and I’m an aspiring software developer, currently studying in Grinnell College, IA, for my Bachelor’s Degree in CS. I enjoy getting involved in various projects and helping out with development.

Feel free to contact me or browse through my GitHub. I’d be happy to talk!

I begin work at Source Allies in June 2018. Here’s my current resume.

GitHub: https://github.com/teolandon

keybase.io: https://keybase.io/teolandon

Contact information

E-mail: kalfas [at] teolandon.com

PGP Key: EF48 D63A D533 4EAE

Please encrypt your email if you can.


  • Cauldron, an IDE for Chemical Reaction Networks, currently not open source, but I’ll keep you guys updated.

  • tmux-hackernews, a tmux plugin to get Hacker News headlines in the status bar.

  • ceramic, a simple text editor based on antirez’s kilo.

  • trees, a simple binary search tree library for Go, with legible printing of the trees. Other data structure/algorithm libraries to come.

  • hanoi, a terminal GUI library for Go.


Coming soon…